Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Sexy Indian Crossdresser 4

Like all crossdressers I have always tried to enhance my boobs while crossdressing. But the usage of Premarin had given a good shape to mt boobs. In this video I have used two videos shot with enhanced boobs with pads and also a video without bra showing my boobs as such. Please tell me which one looks attractive

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Monalisa - The Crossdresser

Girls are wearing male dresses so casually and coming out as wearing pants and shirts by them is recognized and not considered odd by the entire world. But why a male is not given the liberty of wearing a female dress? Is it not a discrimination?

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sexy Indian Crossdresser 3

Life of a secret crossdresser is really pathetic with mind asking to dress up and be a female while brain stopping the proceedings taking into consideration the social implications. Of course it is a pleasure to be a dual self enjoying the feelings of both the genders but there is always a pain at the depth of the heart reminding me that I am not what I am and I could not do what I want to do...

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hot Indian Crossdresser

I have shot this video in closed doors. I have come out with just shorts  and bare breasted as a man and have taken bath in rivers openly, but no one even noticed my breast or thighs. But when I wrap me with female cloths and wear a wig and show off like a female the same breast (that too half covered) and thighs there are cries that I am exposing too much. It seems that the vulgarity prevails only in one's eyes and attitude. These are the people who would consider even a doll as a sex object when wrapped in female cloths...I am sorry if you feel I am harsh in expressing myself but my inability to live as a female in this world and the wrong comments I receive when I satisfy my desire by coming out openly through youtube videos...make me really angry and miserable

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Lonely Crossdresser

This is my recent video in youtube. This was shot when I was pretty lonely in my room all dressed up as a female but with no companion as usual. I was taking photos, shooting videos but with no one beside me to appreciate and be critical about my dress, make-up and also my structure, anatomy, I felt really bad.

To compensate for that I have mixed that raw video with some old photographs and made that into a nice video and am now sharing the same here.

Hope you will all like it.

It is a week end special...

Happy week end dear friends...